This is safest, and easiest way to fit more aggressive, larger diameter wheels and tires under your WJ Grand
Cherokee. Ride quality is as good as factory, plus there is no need to change out your shocks, brake lines or
control arms. That makes our kit the best on the market, and the easiest on your wallet.

Fits all 1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ's


1. Jack the front of vehicle up by the center of the axle.

-Support the vehicle with jack stands on the frame behind the control arms so that the
front tire/wheels are off the ground freely. You can either remove the front wheels for
more work room, or leave them on.

-Remove the lower shock nuts that secure the shock to the axle on both sides.

-Remove the coil spring.

-Remove the upper coil spring isolator and install onto the coil spring spacers.

-Starting on the one side of the vehicle install the coil spring spacer onto the frame.

-Install the coil spring.

- Complete both sides of the Jeep by repeating the steps for removal and spacer
installation. Jack the axle up, and reconnect the shocks. If removed, install the front
tires/wheels and lower the vehicle onto the ground.

- Test drive your Grand Cherokee. If needed, have the front end alignment checked
and adjusted after installing the Je
epTweeter budget boost coil spring spacer lift kit.
Installation: Cherokee WJ 1999-2004

Read the instructions before beginning installation. The following tools are recommended:

Coil spring compressor, floor jack, jack stands, and metric wrenches/sockets
Complete set of four to lift your Jeep.

Lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Lift it right the first time with J
Set of (4) 2" Spring Spacers shipped to your door
Improves ground clearance without sacrificing load-carrying capacity. Water proof, and oil resistant materials make
these ideal for daily use vehicles, and off-road weekend trail explorers. Clear up to 31" tires with no trimming, and
32" with minor trimming. Can be used with other lift kits for even more travel!
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We will continue to bringgreat service and solutions for your 1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
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