Pair of CenterTEC II
Series Tweeters
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Heater Problems?

Are you having problems with your Jeeps Heater not blowing hot air
anymore? You might have a broken blend door. Our HeaterTreater II
blend door repair kit will save you over a thousand dollars if you make
the smart choice to complete the repair on your own. has you covered!

here to learn more about our simple DIY blend door repair kits. is dedicated to providing you with new
aftermarket replacements for Mopar dash tweeters, door
retainers, aftermarket door lock replacment motors
(sometimes referred to as door lock actuators or
selenoids) and blend doors at discount prices.

We ship parts world wide to both consumers and the auto
repair industry.  We currently have over 300 auto
repair/service customers worldwide.  If you are in the
repair/service industry and would like to explore the
possibility of setting up an account please feel free to
contact us for new accounts/bulk pricing.  We also provide
a one year worldwide warranty as well as easy to follow
installation instructions for our products.
Now stocking a wide variety of Jeep Tweeter Speakers, Door
Panel Retainers and Grand Cherokee Blend Door Heater repair kits
Click here for
Easy Do it Yourself
Installation Instructions
Click here if your Heater Doesn't work! We can save you over $1200.00 in dealer fees!
Save 50% over dealer price.

Introducing our new line of
aftermarket CenterTec II Series
Tweeters for your 1999 - 2004
Jeep Grand Cherokee.  These
tweeters give you the quality your
looking for at a fraction of the cost
of Mopar Infinity tweeters and will
arrive with the OEM connectors
pre-wired so you will not have to
cut or strip any wires.
Frequently Asked Questions - Top 5
Has your Jeep heater stopped working?
Heater Treater II blend door repair
kit might be just what you need! Learn
more about HeaterTreater II kits here.
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